At the end of the tutorial for the November, 2019 batch, we conducted a survey on our performance as a tutorial center.

Below are the responses from some of our candidates.

1. A good number of the respondents were referred to Acemedix Academy by their friends who passed through our academy. This is very important to us. We must be doing something right for a friend to direct you to our academy.

acemedix review - how did you hear about us

2. Over 90% here found the Acemedix Academy effective for their exam preparation. We are thrilled with the fact that not one of the 74 doctors who responded answered “NO”

acemedix review - effectiveness of the tutorial

3. It is important to us that our candidates not just learn but also enjoy learning. This is reflected in the answers given by the respondents. Our tutors are encouraged to infuse certain degrees of fun while in class.

acemedix review - did you enjoy your time at acemedix

4. Acemedix Acadmey thrive on recommendations. We love it when you come because of the good things you heard from a friend or someone who attended our academy. In this way, you have high expectations, and you can as well assess if we are meeting them. It is a highly potent feedback mechanism that will benefit all.

acemedix review - would you recommend acemedix to others

As a final note, we strongly believe more needs to be done overall. It is important that we maintain that high pass rate Acemedix Academy is known for. We are not relenting. Our ultimate goal and joy is to see you ACE the MDCN exam.